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Happy birthday, Shhugar!

28 Jun

SHHUGAR Restro Lounge in Port Elizabeth is celebrating its second birthday on Friday, July 1, by having  music group Dance You’re on Fire perform, and hosting a fashion show by 25/18

The Walmer-based ready-to-wear clothing shop 25/18 is the brain child of talented sisters Fallon Sabrina and Savannah Fagen Paul  who design and manufacture the clothes.

Apparently their label is derived from their ages. “Our ages represent our youth, and we try to encapsulate the youth culture feeling into our designs with original perspectives,” Savannah explains their design approach.

So, if you are interested in coming to have a look at 25/18 whilst having a good time at Shhugar’s birthday celebrations, pop in on Friday evening at

24 Heugh Road, Walmer; doors open 7.30pm and entrance is free. Inquiries: 041-5811475 or  email:


Avant-garde silver screen offering

3 Jun

Fashionistas are in for a real treat with a new fashion documentary on its way…

Thirty years after his Paris debut, Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto never seizes to amaze with his cutting edge fashion, unconventional techniques and trademark oversized silhouettes feature drapery in varying textures.


This year also marks Yamamoto’s ten-year anniversary of his Y-3 line for Adidas and his retrospective at London’s Victoria & Albert Museum will be on show till July 10. Director Theo Stanley’s new documentary, This is my Dream, follows him from Tokyo to New York during the creation process of the Y-3 spring/summer 2010 collection. The 30-minute film gives rare insight into the Japanese designer’s thoughts, such as: “I was born in Tokyo, after bombs. So maybe this is my root, a ruined Tokyo. This dark side of the life is attractive for me, forever, from the beginning.”


Watch the trailer at